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Mangrove Sightseeing tour
....There are several mangrove tour destinations in Langkawi. One of the most popular is the Sungai Kilim Mangrove with its purpose-built jetty, foodstalls, convenient wooden walkways and a host of wildlife attractions to keep you gawking as much as the eagles are doing likewise to you. Come to joint us to explore Langkawi Geoforest Park - Langkawi Kilim Mangrove Tour
langkawi kilim mangrove
kilim mangrove tours

Mangrove Sightseeing tour - the activities

...........Several areas of mangrove forests can be found all over Langkawi. The forests comprise networks of waterways and coves that are habitats to a profusion of endemic wildlife.

kilim river mangrove
Location : Kilim River - Mangrove Tour Activites

The mangrove forests in the north-eastern part of Langkawi island are dominated by Rhizophora apiculata and Ceriops tagal, and cover an area of 1,987 hectares that is drained by three major rivers, namely, Sg. Kisap, Sg. Air Hangat and Sg. Kilim. The tree canopy are home of a variety of birds, bats, monkeys and large number insects. The forest floor is colonized by a large variety of benthic invertebrates that live on the sediment surface, within the sediment as well as on the lower trunks of trees. These include 16 species of crustaceans (brachyuran crabs from the families Ocypodidae and Grapsidae) and 12 species of gastropods (Ellobiidae, Cerithididae and Littorinidae). These invertebrates play an important role in the ecology of the mangrove forests, by consuming organic matter and recycling nutrients.

The conservation of these mangrove forests is vital for the existence of coastal fisheries, and marine life in the coastal waters of Langkawi.

langkawi kilim mangrove
kilim mangrove tour
langkawi mangrove kilim tour
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langkawi kilim mangrove